It’s about what you want to achieve

Let us help you today

Helping clients to realise potential and maximise opportunities is our purpose. Solving problems and overcoming obstacles is what we do. At Hawksford, we always look for creative ways to help clients achieve their objectives. By taking away the burden of regulatory, financial and tax compliance, corporate governance and reporting obligations, you can focus on managing your business interests and creating wealth.

Wherever you are

Our clients are globally mobile. But wherever you are in the world, your ambitions remain ours.

  • Global expertise: With clients in 115 countries, Hawksford has the experience and expertise to manage requirements in any jurisdiction.
  • Resourced: Hawksford is a powerhouse of both the East and West, with a strong presence in Europe and Asia. We have staff, resource and networks to ensure that wherever you are you have access to support in your own time zone.
  • Networked: We can draw on considerable expertise from our worldwide legal, tax and accounting networks.

Delivery-orientated and focused

Working with Hawksford means that you don’t have to worry about the timeline, delivery or budget of a project or transaction – we are delivery-oriented.

Clients come to us because they know we can provide the high levels of service they’re looking for, at a competitive price and in a timely manner. Our team is incredibly capable and always explores every option for you.

We don’t accept that a transaction or structure has to be designed and delivered in a particular way. We use our industry expertise and entrepreneurial spirit, to consider all possibilities, ensuring we’re acting in your best interests.  Even if that means recommending an alternative route to the one first considered.

Intelligent thinking

Hawksford’s team is experienced, highly qualified and multilingual. Our culture is a balance of enthusiasm, ambition and entrepreneurialism. Empowered to apply these qualities, we deliver intelligent and creative solutions.

We are specialists. Commercial transaction or family matter, you are paired with the best team to suit your needs. We invest heavily in our people, who are qualified professionals in their chosen fields, be it law, accountancy or trust.

Thinking beyond tomorrow, today

The complexities of running an international business or being a globally mobile individual or family are ever increasing. Fast-paced changes in regulation and changing political environments play a part. Fortunately, we have a long history and solid reputation for thinking beyond tomorrow. We constantly review the bigger picture, wider context and longer-term goals so that we can guide you.

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